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Your site web hosting is the first of the few important decisions you have to make to successfully achieve your goal for starting a website online. You may already know this, and it’s why you came to this site to learn about web hosting and find the top or best web hosting service for your site. And that is exactly what this site guides you on; and more.

Whether it is hosting WordPress web, business E-commerce web hosting or any type of small business website or you’ve been tasked with getting a company hosting web, here I’ll help you reach a decision right away on the best hosting service for you and get you started with setting up your website.

I’ve been online since 2010 setting up different websites that serve different purpose, so you can trust my advice and recommendations I make on this site. I’ve been working with one web hosting company all my years online and it has provided me with all the tools I needed to spread my wings online and achieve success. Am with Hostgator and it’s no doubt a top web site hosting company. And you can be confident that you won’t regret choosing Hostgator hosting service.

Whether you’re a complete beginner online and never hosted a website before or you’re out looking for a better hosting service to move your site to, you will be satisfied with Hostgator hosting.

How can you be sure Hostgator is good for you. I mean what makes a web hosting company good and best for you?

Your Site Web hosting – Choosing a Good Web hosting company

Your decision of which web hosting company to go with becomes easier when you know what to look out for or what makes a good webhosting company.

There are a few important things that your site web hosting company should have to help you easily achieve your goal online. And they are:


You want a hosting company that has applications that meet your immediate website needs. And that has applications that allow your site to grow and serve future needs of your site visitors.

Whichever type of site you want to create, whether it’s a self hosted WordPress blog (WordPress hosting), a CMS website (Joomla and Drupal hosting), an E-commerce store to sell your stuffs online (E-commerce hosting with Magento), a forum (phpBB hosting), wiki (wiki hosting) or upload your photo gallery Hostgator has the perfect service for you now and for your future needs.

There are a few common website growth decisions webmasters make online. And some are:

A person who started a website to run affiliate campaigns may later decide to add a WordPress blog to drive more traffic and build visitors trust.

A person who started a WordPress blog may later decide to build a community around the blog by adding a forum.

Unlimited Server Space

The more web space you think your content and traffic will need, the bigger web hosting space you will need to buy . However you can save huge on hosting cost by starting with a basic plan which is what most people online start with. But you do want to make sure your site web hosting company can offer you more space if and when you need it.

Quick and Easy Software Installation

Whether you’re a technical person or not, a one click software installation is an important feature a good web hosting company should have. You want to quickly get over your website setup and start adding your content and driving traffic to your site.


There’s are very cheap website hosting services except their services can’t be trusted. But there’s cheap and affordable quality hosting. Go with cheapest hosting and you will likely end up getting the cheapest service possible, which could really frustrate your efforts starting out. Only complete beginners online who don’t know better look for really cheap hosting. And many have learned the hard way.

However think cheap and affordable. Big web hosting companies that charge just a bit higher than the basic web hosting price, but consistent fees, and no hidden charges. Less than 1% downtime, great customer support and much more. Affordable web hosts usually charge more for premium services.

For reasons why you shouldn’t go for a very cheap hosting service read the article on cheapest web site hosting.

Minimal Downtime

The industry standard for downtime is less than one percent of the time. Weekly server outages that last a couple of hours are not acceptable.

Excellent Customer Service

Your site web hosting company must have excellent free customer service, staffs available 24/7 to attend to you. Honestly this is my top reason for choosing Hostgator hosting. Their support has been amazing. They have effective support team in all departments to help you out any time of the day through instant messaging service. I remember when I sold one of my blogs, I had no idea how to transfer it to the current owner’s host and I turned to support. And within a few minutes it was done! How happy and satisfied I felt.

Also a good web hosting company should as part of customer service notify clients before hand of scheduled server maintenance.

All these and more you get with Hostgator web hosting and it’s why I recommend them.

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Or better yet, get your site web hosting right now with Hostgator.