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Looking for the top web site hosting service? I’ve been online since 2009 setting up all sorts of websites; self hosted WordPress blog, E-commerce site and even a dating website. If there’s someone who can guide you from a customer’s view point about the best web hosting service it’s me.


Top web site hosting - Hostgator review





Reliability and Uptime


Tech Support







  • Unlimited Bandwidth.
  • Unlimited Disk Space.
  • Free Domain Name Transfer.
  • 24/7/365 Days Telephone, LiveChat and Email Support.
  • Monthly billing available.
  • Cheap. Can Save Big when starting out.


  • Bought over by EIG
  • No free domain name

I use Hostgator hosting. I have at least 5 sites on one of their shared hosting plan including my dating site And I have had no reason since the few years I have been with them to regret my decision in choosing them to host my sites.

Hostgator Discount 
Hostgator automatically apply between 40% to over 60% discount to their shared hosting package when you choose a billing plan of 12 months and above. However if you’re not able to afford a 12 months billing plan at the moment then take advantage of their 25% discount on your order using any of the coupon codes below.


Read how to use Hostgator coupon.

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Considering they have met every of my business needs over the years, which is actually about all the kind of website businesses that exist online, I choose them as the top web site hosting company because they will do the same for you. Hostgator has received an award acknowledging their hosting reliability in virtually all kinds of niche websites. No wonder it is web professionals top hosting choice. If you visit web hosting and internet marketing forums and you read posts requesting for top web host recommendation, you will realize just how many loyal customers Hostgator has.

What Makes Hostgator Top Web Site Hosting

In the article on what to look out for when choosing your site web hosting I discussed some pointers to help you determine that an hosting company meets the requirement of a good and reliable host. I made clear that Hostgator meets those requirements. However here I’ll add a few more things that make Hostgator the best web host for your site.

They are Authority in Web hosting

Hostgator started business in 2002. They have had many years to prove that they are dependable hence their awards. Their name is now synonymous with web hosting. So there’s no fear of them disappearing in the near future; which is very important. You want to be sure that your site will always be accessible especially if you’re setting up a website to make money or grow an existing business. I like to go with the authority when it comes to buying a service for my business. It’s for the same reason I buy all my domain names from Godaddy. Hostgator specializes in hosting. Godaddy though offers web hosting but specializes in registering domain names.

They have all the tools to cater for your business

Hostgator has different hosting plans and applications that serves the need of any kind of website you want to create and while allowing you to save on hosting. Hosting plans offered within their shared hosting service are designed to meet your hosting needs whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate online. And their shared hosting packages include necessary applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento (for E-commerce site), phpBB (for forum) etc. And various hosting types for the professionals and big business owners such as reseller hosting, dedicated hosting and VPS hosting. So whatever your needs are, whatever you need hosting for Hostgator is the top web site hosting for you.

They Guarantee 99.9% Website Uptime

Above everything else that makes a good host, is reliable web servers. If your site is always down that without a doubt will affect everything; search ranking, visitors loyalty and your earnings. Hostgator guarantees 99.9% uptime which is the industry’s standard. And as a long time customer I can assure you that you they have kept to that promise. My sites are almost never down. And when it’s down, it’s back up within few minutes. The last time one of my sites were down it was up 8 minutes later. And I don’t experience any downtime for months. I have set up a tool that notifies me whenever my site is down so I am sure. The reason for their reliable web servers is because Hostgator has its own data centers that they manage by themselves. According to Wiki, as of 2013 Hostgator was already hosting over 9 million domain names. That speaks for itself wouldn’t you say? So many webmasters can’t be wrong.

They offer Cheap Hosting

Most of us come online to either try to earn a full time income online after being laid off like it was in my case, to generate extra income to supplement your income or grow an existing business to increase earnings. Either way we come online with the hope of earning, so we often want to spend as little as possible when starting out. Hostgator understands this. They have created different hosting packages in their shared web hosting to give you the best service at a cheap price.

Hostgator shared web hosting price

Shared hosting is a perfect starting point for any individual who is just starting out. Choose a longer billing plan and you can get up to 60% discount from your order or get a 25% discount using any of the coupon codes below.



For more Hostgator discount hosting coupons, see the article on hosting coupon Hostgator.

If you want a consistently low priced or very cheap web hosting then there are a few things you must first know, see my article on cheapest web site hosting.

Hostgator QuickInstall will have your website running within minutes

Hostgator has made sure to provide necessary tools to get their customers up and running within minutes. If you need a site builder, Hostgator has partnered with Weebly to provide you a superbly convenient drag-and-drop website builder with up to 4500 templates. And for other applications like WordPress, Joomla etc Hostgator’s own QuickInstall application installer can have your website online in less than 5 minutes.

They offer 24/7/365 Support

Whenever I talk about Hostgator as the top web site hosting service I always say their support is the main reason I am impress with them. Why? Because it’s inevitable that they will have a bad day. No hosting service is perfect. However during those times you want to know they care. You want to know they care about your site and your goals by notifying you before hand when they have any scheduled maintenance.

I haven’t had any major issue with them for the years I have been with them. Not concerning a downtime or support. They do their part, make sure my sites are always up and accessible and I focus on doing what I am really good at, writing content and promoting my sites.

I turn to support every once in a while for some kind of information or help. I even did that some hours ago before writing this article and within 2 minutes a tech support was available to me via their live chat and attended to me. When I sold one of my sites, moving it to the new owner’s host is one of the easiest things I have done, because of their efficient tech support.

Whether this is the first hosting you’re buying or you’re moving from another host (Hostgator has a migration team for those moving from another host), be sure you will get tech support, and fast too, anytime you need it.

They give you $100 Google Adwords Credit to start marketing of your site

In partnership with Google, Hostgator offers a $100 Adwords credit to its first time US and Canada and India customers. Although for India it works a bit differently they said. It’s Rs 2,500 credit instead of $100.

I remember the first decent income I made online was from using the free Adwords credit I got from buying from Godaddy. A friend helped me use it to set up some ads for his products and I earned affiliate income.

If you’re within the eligible countries you can search for a beginners guide on how to market with Google adwords. You can actually use that $100 Adwords credit to earn at least enough money for one year of hosting with Hostgator before your free one month hosting is up.

This credit is only available to new customers of Hostgator shared hosting (Hatchling, Baby and Business Plan) who don’t already have an Adwords account.

Summary of Hostgator

There are other hosting services that probably does better for support (although Hostgator support works great for me I always use their LiveChat) and website security however overall Hostgator is my top web site hosting because it offers so much for a small fee. When you start hosting with Hostgator you wouldn’t need to spend any extra money for a long time to keep hosting with them even though the number of the site you host with them keep increasing. I have been with them for a few years, and my number of sites hosted with them increases regularly however I still pay only $11.95 monthly for Hostgator Baby plan hosting. When it comes to website security there are some free WordPress plugins that does the job well. I don’t need my host to do that only to charge me more. My host’s job is to guarantee me reliable hosting and decent support when I need it while giving me the freedom to expand as wide as I want in my online ventures at a reasonable price. This Hostgator does well.

So should you buy Hostgator hosting? Well, if you want a reliable web host equipped with applications that meets any website needs that offers you the freedom to expand online at will without needing to pay more and offers you a hosting service at a cheap price, then yes, buy your hosting from Hostgator.

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