SBI! for WP review

I am so happy to be writing SBI! for WP review. For me the launching of the tool is a long time prayer finally answered, but not just for me but for new and existing serious bloggers, infopreneurs and small businesses online.

Recently in my series on finding your blogging niche I wrote about the importance of keyword research. Keyword research is a must. Whether you’re an infopreneur or blogger or brick-and-mortar, to survive and thrive as a business there’s a common need – customers. To attract customers to your website or business you need to identify who your audience are and when you do, give them the exact information they are looking for.

To do this effectively you do a premium research tool. Brainstorm It! SiteSell’s keyword research tool which SBI for WP has now made available to WordPress users is the ultimate niche-finding, brainstorming and researching tool. It is the only niche-finding and keyword-researching software tool that you will ever need.

This tool is the sure secret to setting your blog and business up for long term success and growing your blog and business income.

Before I get into my review of the tool let me tell you why I’ve prayed for a tool like SBI! for WP.  Also because it’s unfair to talk about the tool without talking briefly about it parent, SBI! (Site Build It!).

About SBI!

If you read my About page, there I mentioned that it took me years, setting up blogs and pouring my heart into writing valuable content without seeing any success. I didn’t start making money online until after four years of trial and error, frustrations from spending so much time and money for my Internet subscription without any result to show for it, and humiliation from friends who kept insisting I get a real job. But now I make money online. And there’s a consistent monthly income growth from my online ventures. What changed? What did I do that turned the page?

Well, in 2010 I bought SBI! (Site Build It!). Site Build It! is an all in one site building tool.  It’s a business-building system with all the software & tools (over 80+ and counting…) and an online business building learning that is like getting an MBA because it teaches you how to build a successful e-business in the most comprehensive way.

The tools include but not limited to:

Brainstorming & Research, Domain Registration & Hosting, Look & Feel Templates, Site-Building (Search Engine Optimized!), Traffic Stats, Search Engine Listing & Ranking Reports, Forms & Sequential Autoresponders, Site-Blogging, and Community-building & Social Media (Content 2.0, Face It!, Socialize It!).

The online learning called Action Guide offered a 10 day (actually 10 detailed steps) roadmap for online business success for infopreneurs (people who want to build a striving business on content writing) and offline business owners who want to create a website to generate leads for their offline businesses.

Access to SBI! help-and-be-helped private forums. The community is success focused. Fellow members willingly offer their time to help out a other members and share what they are doing differently that is seeing result.

I bought SBI because it was the tool my elder brother was using for his site and he was getting success.

The first site I started with SBI didn’t do so well, mostly because my keyword analysis was flawed. I was writing articles on very competitive keywords without realizing it. So I eventually let the site go. I started a second site with SBI with better knowledge of how to analyze my keywords and use them. This my second SBI site is a little over 2 years old. It gets an average of 1000/day visitors. That’s definitely nothing extraordinary. But when you consider that I have never for once since I started the site build backlinks to it and I go months without publishing an article on the site you’ll agree that’s decent traffic. The traffic has consistently grown whether or not I wrote a new article.  My only secret for the traffic the site receives is targeting most of the content on keywords with high demand and low competition. And it’s easy to find such keywords with SBI! Brainstorm It! An advanced keyword research tool that’s part of the SBI! Package.

How SBI! for WP bridges the gap between WordPress and SBI!

From my experience with the tool I testify that Site Build It! is a great website business building tool. And for that reason I used to happily recommend it to wanna be bloggers as a better site building tool than WordPress. However recently I stopped recommending it because I’ve been having some frustrations with it when it comes to making certain types of update and adding a third party functionality to the site. SiteSell the owners of the software make honest effort to make the process as simple as possible. But it is usually not as simple as it appears to be to make the update or add third party functionality to an SBI site. And each time I have to do something for my SBI site that takes me several hours or days to figure out and complete, I appreciate WordPress a little more, because this is usually something one can easily achieve with WordPress by installing a free plugin or theme, a process that doesn’t take up to 5 minutes.

For example when SiteSell launched some responsive templates, and provided guides on using it, it took me several days to understand how to use it and get my pages responsive. If it was a WordPress site all I had to do was upload a responsive theme and that would be the end of it.
Also when I decided to add an affiliate store on the subdomain of my SBI site, even though as usual SBI provided a detailed guide for the process, getting things to work wasn’t simple either.  I silently curse each time the benefits of a self hosted WordPress site becomes so clear.

However, WordPress alone isn’t the best solution either. People who use SBI! for their sites regardless of knowing that WordPress is an easier tool for website set up and management do so because SBI! offers some amazing tools that isn’t available anywhere else.

The best parts of SBI! are:

The Action Guide: The SBI! Action Guide shows you, step-by-step, how to build, market and grow your new website and online business.

The Brainstorm It!: SBI! Brainstorm It! is the most advanced niche finding, brainstorm and research tool there is to help you find the perfect focus for your website and profitable exact search topics so that you can write only the content you’re sure your audience want and that will make you money too.

The Private Forums. Those guys there are just amazing. There’s no forum like it online with people giving so much of their time to help others with the single agenda of helping them succeed.

I can’t give those up. But at the same time I want a site building platform that is flexible and very simple to work with. When I wrote about keyword research for bloggers, I always wished I could recommend SBI Brainstorm It! to them and demonstrate to them how effective the tool was for research and winning with your readers and the search engines. But unfortunately the tool wasn’t available outside SBI!; well until now!

Even though the difference between WordPress and SBI as a site building tool is humongous SiteSell obviously understood that there are millions who would always choose an easier building platform with less learning required for set up over a site building tool that offers every tool necessary for online business building success for a very reasonable price.

SiteSell was eager to cater for this group of people. So they partnered with people that included Mike Allton of and Susanna Perkins of with solid knowledge of WordPress and WordPress users to create SBI! for WP.

WordPress + SBI! for WP = Guaranteed Online Business Success

As I’ve said before I always wished and prayed that SiteSell would make the Brainstorm It! tool available as a standalone product so that WordPress users can have access to it and be able to find profitable site concept and keywords in other to build a theme based blog and be an authority in their niches.

My prayers have been answered. But even better because the other best parts of SBI, the Action Guide and access to the SBI! private forums came with it!

What is SBI! for WP?

SBI! for WP is a combination of web-based learning, online tools, and a WordPress plugin that integrates your research and findings into your WordPress website, helping you to find topics and find customers for your business.

SBI! for WP brings to the WordPress platform:

  • Brainstorm It!, the Most Advanced Keyword Research Tool of its kind
  • Powerful Online Courses on Business Building
  • Timely Articles and Information to Help with WordPress, Monetization, and more
    Incredible WordPress Integration via the SBI! for WP Plugin
  • Helpful and Private Community

SBI! for WP comes with a 30 day no credit card free trial so there’s no automatic billing later that one needs to worry about. All the information they ask from you to get access to the 30 day free trial is your name and email. So I immediately signed up for a test drive before writing this review on SBI! for WP.

SBI! for WP dashboard

When you login to the dashboard you have access to:

Brainstorm It!: Brainstorm It! helps you find a profitable niche and hundreds of profitable exact search content keywords for that niche including long tail keywords. Any keyword research you make are completely backup in your dashboard and in your WordPress site when you use the plugin that comes with it to sync your Master Keyword List to your WordPress site.

SBI! for WP brainstorm It!

Online Learning: Online learning are in three sections.

1. Action Guide: Tailored specially for WordPress users.

SBI! for WP Action Guide

2. Tips and Techniques: Extensive collection of articles, tips and techniques exclusively for WordPress users.

SBI! for WP - tips and techniques

3. Monetization: A collection of articles discussing different monetization models for your WordPress site.

SBI for WP monetization section

SBI! for WP plugin

SBI for WP plugin

The plugin serve four purposes.

First, sync your entire Master Keyword List with your WordPress site so that you can target any of your chosen keywords on a specific page or post.

Second, allow you see the data for any keyword you choose for your page or post without having to leave your site.

Third, when you select a keyword, you’re able to see which other posts or pages within your site you’ve targeted that keyword on.

Fourth, you will be able to call up valuable competitive insights, including links to current ranking sites, associated with your targeted keyword.

Second, third and fourth you can do not just within your WordPress site, but while you’re actually in the midst of writing or editing a post or page, so that you can make sure that the content you’re providing is what your audience is actually interested in.

Access to SBI! private forums will allow you to join a community of the most success focused group on the Internet. You can get help to grow your business any time you need it from fellow online business builders, infopreneurs and small business owners, eager to help you succeed with your business.

SBI! for WP cost just $17 a month or $149 annually, allowing you to save $55. But you don’t pay a dime or give your credit card information to try SBI! for WP for the next 30 days.

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