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The biggest challenge online is generating traffic to a website. There are different ways to get traffic to a website. However the most converting traffic is search traffic. And to get search traffic, keyword research is very important.

I will use a premium keyword research tool, same tool I use to do keyword research for my niche websites to run a keyword search on any single niche that interests you. And find you at least 50 exact search low competition keywords to optimize for your website and articles for the search engines.

Who is my keyword research service for?

  • Bloggers
  • Internet marketers
  • Ecommerce website owners
  • Small business owners

In fact any one with a website online they want search engine traffic to.

How Keyword Research Helps you Achieve your Website goals

People need information and they need it as fast as possible. They know they can find the exact information they need on the Internet. And so they turn to the Internet.

To find the information they need they visit a search engine and type in a phrase about the information they are seeking.

Any phrase a searcher types into a search engine when making a search is known as a ‘Keyword’.

So there’s the searcher who turns to search engine everyday to seek targeted information to solve a problem, buy a product or a service. And now there’s YOU a blogger who wants to start a blog or have started a blog to fulfill the information need of a group of people (group of searchers), or a webmaster or small business owner who has product(s) and or service(s) that the searcher is looking for.

Now if you can find out the exact information need of your target searcher, and optimize your website and articles around that need, then it becomes easy to get your website visitors to take your most wanted response; whether it’s to subscribe to your site, click on a related ad or click to buy a product or service.

Search traffic (people finding and coming to your site from typing a phrase into a search engine) easily convert because they came looking for the information, product or service you offer. They need the information, product or service you have to offer.

But how does the searcher find your site out of the thousands, sometimes millions of web pages available on your topic when he or she makes a search?

That’s where Search Engine Optimization comes in.

The search engines page ranking criteria is what is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. And keyword research is the foundation for SEO.

To make sure the group of people you’ll be writing for or targeting your products or services to can find your website and content when they make a search in the search engines you have to first find the actual keywords they use to make their searches when seeking for information, products and services in the niche your website is focused on.

So that you write your blog posts and or pages deliberately targeting these keywords.

Just targeting these keywords however will not guarantee that your pages will be ranked high in search results. But it surely puts you many step closer.

Moreover if you’re a blogger, your blog visitors will appreciate how you carefully write to target each of their topic concerns on your site. You create a topic theme blog where each post addresses a different but related topic to the theme of your blog. This way a searcher looking for information in your niche will find your blog as a great resource for that niche. Not just for the information he or she came looking for. But your site can actually be a single resource for the searcher.

But wait. There’s strong competition in profitable niches now that your chance at getting search traffic to a new site from ranking for your keywords in search results is almost impossible. Well, that’s why you should mostly optimize your site and content pages for low competition keywords. That is keywords that currently doesn’t have a lot of pages online or isn’t well targeted. With very low competition keywords often just optimizing your post and or pages for the keywords will be enough to get you ranking in search results.

Why should you hire my service?

To save cost

My service is much cheaper than what it cost to buy a premium keyword research tool.

To save time

If you buy a premium keyword tool it will take you some time to get familiarize with it well enough to do an effective keyword research. But hire my service and you can leverage on my experience. I’ll do the search for you. And filter for you mostly low competition keywords.

Free keyword tools can be misleading

I use the free Google keyword research tool and my premium tool to do an effective keyword research. I use both tools because often Google keyword tool helps me discover more keyword options for a search. However there are many times that when I put some keywords I found from the free Google keyword tool into my premium tool it doesn’t recognize it as an actual search keyword. Plus the competition indication for keywords in the tool (low, medium and high) is not for search but for advertising. The free Google keyword tool is better used with a premium tool for a thorough keyword research.

What you get with my keyword research service:

  • At least 50 low competition exact search keywords on any topic of your choice.
  • Keywords analysis report.
  • Professional advice about the niche and its profitability based on details from the keyword research.

Cost: $99

Payment is only accepted via Paypal.

What do I do to buy this service?

Use the form below to contact me. Please include the topic and give me a brief description of your website goal.

How do I make payment?

I accept payment only through Paypal. After you contact me I’ll send you a Paypal email to make payment.

Will you research on more than one topic?

Yes. But you can only order for a maximum of three topics (3 packages) at once.

How long after I make payment will I get the keywords analysis report? 

For one package 2 days and you’ll have the keywords analysis report. More packages will have an additional 2-4 days.

What is the Customer Satisfaction Guarantee?

This is a manual service. One package of the service will take at least a full day’s work from me. So I’m sorry, I don’t give refund. However I promise you will be satisfied with my service.

I guarantee that I will do everything possible to get you at least 50 low competition exact search keywords. However I am not responsible if a niche is just too narrow or too competitive and therefore I couldn’t find as many as 50 low competition exact search keywords.

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