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I may have called this WordPress blogging resources services but this is actually website and blogging income tools. Meaning some of the resources and services here are not limited to blogging.

Having the right resources and tools can make things easier for you and make success come quicker to you. I started blogging without the right resources and without essential tools not because I didn’t want to but because having a job with a meager salary and having just being fired from the job then, I couldn’t afford any tool. And I can honestly say that affected my success a great deal. I started very slowly and worked twice as hard. If you’ve read my About page you’ll know I spent years online not achieving my goal to earn money blogging. So the right resources and services can really make a difference. Fortunately the investment you have to make to blog professionally and effectively is nothing near what it would cost to set up any kind of offline business no matter how small the business might be.

So I have put together resources and services you need if you want to quickly create a website with long term income. I recommend bookmarking this page because as I discover more useful resources, services or tools for blogging, I’ll be adding them here. So this post is likely to change often.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase.  Please understand that I use most of the services I have recommended here and I am satisfied with the services, and for the ones I don’t use their service I think it’s a great service and you will find it helpful, this is why I’ve made these recommendations not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals.

Blogging Resources Services


Make Money Blogging For Beginners Guide

Jump start your blogging success with my comprehensive 30 day making money through blogging email course. The course is designed for beginning bloggers and bloggers who are yet to make money blogging. The course walks you through a step by step process of starting a blog and making money with the blog. Read more about the 30 day make money blogging email course and subscribe now. Subscription to the course is free if you sign up right away.

Create and customize WordPress Blog

Free Step by Step WordPress Installation and Customization guide

How to make a WordPress website step by step guide: It’s over 7000 words long with lots and lots of screen shots to take you through each step of creating a functional WordPress site. That includes installation, customization and adding content (posts and pages) to your blog. It took me one week of active writing, taking screenshots and editing content and images to put that guide together but I was determined to create the most comprehensive do-it-yourself guide on creating a WordPress website. I left nothing out.

With that guide anyone and I really mean anyone, can create a WordPress blog. However if you’d rather have someone create your blog for you perhaps because you’d rather not bother yourself or don’t have the time, I’m available for hire. Read about my WordPress website service.

Domain name and Web hosting

Two services you need to create a blog or any kind of website are:

Domain name registrar and web hosting service.

I register all my domain names with Their name is synonymous with domain name registration. It’s what they specialize in and it’s what they are good at. See my step by step guide with pictures on how to buy a domain name from Godaddy.

I host all my WordPress sites including this site you’re reading from with Hostgator. Like Godaddy, Hostgator is synonymous with web hosting. It’s been webmasters top hosting choice for years because they offer quality hosting at a cheap price. I’ve been using them for a few years now and I haven’t had any reason to complain. See my review of Hostgator as the top web site hosting service. If you’ll like to learn about web hosting or you have questions about web hosting, read my detailed guide on hosting web website domain.

Premium WordPress Theme

You can get free WordPress themes from that are beautiful, professional and SEO optimized. However, if you really want something elegant with lots of pro features and exclusivity, premium themes are recommended.

The best place to start your search for premium WordPress themes is at Elegant Themes. If you don’t find something you like there, then check out ThemeForest. They have a large library of premium themes.

Custom website logo Fiverr is a place you can get almost any service you want help with for just $5. I’ve used Fiverr to create logos, banners for my social media profiles and optin and WordPress theme customization. But their $5 service is often very basic. Buy their extra gig and spend a bit more and you’ll get something decent.

Email Marketing

After installing WordPress and a theme and uploading a custom logo the next thing you should add to your blog is an optin form to build a list of loyal blog readers. Without an email list you’re just a hobby blogger not an entrepreneur or a business owner. Email marketing is what really makes blogging a stable business. The Internet continues to evolve and things change constantly and quickly and this can affect your online business negatively. It has happened a few times and affected many webmasters negatively. A notable one is during Google Panda and Penguin update when many webmasters lost huge traffic and therefore huge income. Email marketing creates a stable online business. You can lose all blog traffic but having a list, you can pick up quickly. Moreover, nothing builds relationship and trust with your readers quicker and encourages buying even return visit to your blog than a regular email from you.

To start with email marketing you need email marketing software and autoresponder service. I use GetResponse. They get the done and their rates are great, especially for beginners on a budget. They are cheaper than their competitor Aweber and offer better features. Click here to try out GetResponse for 30 days free. No credit card required.

Keyword research and content optimization

Keyword research is essential for several reasons:

  • It let’s you see if your niche is too broad or two narrow to make a successful website.
  • Helps you discover content ideas you never would have thought of.
  • Helps learn about the topics your audience are really looking for. So you can write your posts and or pages targeting those topics.
  • Helps you find and optimize your blog posts for exact search terms increasing your chances of ranking for those keywords in search engines like Google and drive thousands of free traffic to your site monthly.

There are free and paid keyword research tools. The most popular free keyword research tool is Google keyword research tool. And there are people who use just that tool for their keyword research.

However for an effective keyword research, the best practice is to combine Google tool with a premium tool. That’s what I do. Google tool often gives me more keyword options for any keyword research I do than I get with my premium tool. However I have discovered that Google keyword research tool can be misleading with numbers for monthly demand and the actual competition level. So what I do is get the keyword ideas from Google and throw them into my premium tool to get more valid data for them. However my premium tool isn’t available as a stand alone product. And the real product it’s part of is something you’re not looking for. So I can’t recommend it.

You should use Google tool for your keyword research. But if you want something more effective, you should hire my keyword research service and I’ll research your niche just like I do for myself using both tools. I’ll get you at least 50 low competition keywords to target in your blog posts, a keyword analysis report and my professional advice for the niche based on the keyword research.

From Zero to One Thousand Blog readers

There’s nothing more depressing than a blog without readers. It hurts your ego. But worse is that it doesn’t help your goal to make money from home blogging.

Yaro Starak of is one of the masters in make money blogging and his living the laptop lifestyle. He has been blogging since 2004 and as you’d expect of a many years successful blogger he knows how to grow a new blog’s traffic quickly. He wrote an ebook he called Beginner Blog Traffic. The ebook contains the techniques new bloggers should use to grow their blog from zero to 1,000 daily readers. And keep the traffic coming without totally depending on any single source of traffic. You own your traffic. You own your business. He sells the book for only $49. Click here to hear from Yaro Starak himself about the book and why it’s a resource you should have.

Become a Six figure income blogger

How serious are you with making money blogging? Do you want to just make $100 monthly or do you want to blog and generate a consistent six figure income yearly? It might sound exaggerated however it’s not. It’s a matter of simply learning from those who are making six figure income blogging so they teach you the EXACT way they are doing it and you take action following their process. One of such six figure income bloggers is Yaro Starak I mentioned earlier. Yaro’s has a free ebook called Blog Profits Blueprint. It is 55 pages long and comes with MP 3 incase you prefer to listen. In the book he shows you the exact process to make $10,000 monthly working for just two hours a day. Meaning even if you have a day job, you can still start and grow a blog to a six figure income. The book has been downloaded by over 150,000 people. It’s become the icon report for how to make money blogging. Claim your free copy of Blog Profits Blueprint.

Cheap Quality articles and marketing service

Keeping a blog updated with content and driving traffic to the blog is the biggest challenge for a blogger. So when I discovered 99CentArticles recently I thought I’ll add it to blogging resources services. 99CentArticles claim to be a group of experienced Internet marketers offering article writing (400-1000 words long) and article submission to article directories. Press release writing and mass syndication. Custom marketing videos and sales videos and ebook creation. Link building services (blog commenting, social media commenting etc).

I write my articles myself. I’ve never outsourced my content. However I definitely could use their service to quickly get articles for single affiliate product sites I hope to set up soon. And I may try out one of their link building services too. There’s so many ideas for websites and so little time. Even writing for one blog and marketing the blog takes a lot of time. A service like this could come in handy. My advice, try it if you need help. But start with a small package to test them out. If you’re satisfied with their service you could then use them for major projects. Check out 99CentArticles.

Want to create an online store?

You have three options available to you. Your goals, technical ability and your willingness to learn will determine which you go for.

Use hosted ecommerce platforms. Offers robust ecommerce tools. No skill required to get set up. Easiest way to set up a professional online store. And support available. For hosted ecommerce service I recommend Shopify. It’s one of the most powerful and extremely easy to use hosted ecommerce platforms. A direct competitor is BigCommerce. Although with trimmed features. You should visit both service. See which one has all the features you need.

The other two options of creating an ecommerce website has no support available hence it will help to have some technical knowledge and you should be willing to learn.

  • Host the open source software on a third party site.
  • Use WordPress for e-commerce site.

I discussed starting an online site in detail in the article Create an online store – advice and steps to create ecommerce website.