is created to help provide clear detailed answers to questions beginners have about the best way to get started online, starting with your site web hosting. And to offer a step by step guide where necessary to get you set up, so that you can get started quickly and progress to achieving your goal online.

I’m passionate about helping beginners get started online the right way, helping you create a clear goal and position your website properly to start making money online quickly. It took me way too much time than was necessary to start earning online. For years I just read misleading information about make money through blogging and worked so hard without getting any result. And sadly way too many bloggers are still in such situation. Since I started to become successful online I have always wanted to create a site that guided beginners from the very beginning to the end of making money online, especially through blogging. I wish so much that there was a site that was a one place guide that directed me step by step on setting things up the right way so that I achieved success quicker. This is that site for you. No guess work. No speculations. No costly mistakes.

The site has two goals.

The first goal of the site is to guide you on choosing a good web host for your site. To this effect I have provided a few detailed guides on hosting a website, the most comprehensive one being web hosting buyers guide which include a video. I have also reviewed popular web hosts. But hosting review sites have been accused of being partial in their reviews, listing hosting companies that paid better compensation as the top web hosts. So when I started this site I aimed for balance. I do detail research including reading lots of real customer reviews from several review sites on any web hosting company I have heard of more than a few times in webmasters forums to be a good host, use my findings to write a review and rating about the web host. Then in comments for such reviews, I give readers the opportunity to write their reviews and give their rating too (for those who’ve hosted or currently hosting with the company in question). As long as a review meets my simple policy for writing a review, all reviews will be published as is. The overall rating of web hosting companies I reviewed and recommended are then determined by 60% of my rating and 40% of real users ratings. The reason it’s 40% for readers is that there’s no way to guarantee that their reviews are honest. On the other hand, I write my review after reading from several websites about the service including from the web hosting company website itself. Reviewing several quality hosting companies gives you even more good choices for a web host.

The second goal of the site is to help you get set up online and provide you a complete guide on making money through blogging should that be your goal. The second goal of the site is well achieved through my intensive 30 day making money through blogging e-course that takes you step by step through how to start your own blogging business and make a living blogging. Access to the course is free if you go sign up now.

So if you’re learning about web hosting and your reason for wanting to buy a web host is to start a blog and make money blogging, then you’ll find that without even using another site, you’ll learn all you need to know from this site to get set up and make money from your blog. Do ensure to subscribe to the e-course. It’s all the resource you need on make money blogging for beginners.

If there’s something you will like to see on the site or have ideas on how to improve on the site please use the contact form to let me know about it. With your feedback I hope to make this site provide as much help as possible so you achieve your desired result online.

Who Am I?

My name is Karo Itoje. And I am the owner of and author for

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My Online Story and Experience

A friend encouraged me to start blogging and make money online after I lost my meager salary job in 2009. I was fired and no reason was given for the decision. I became angry at how fragile my income was working for someone. How one minute I could have a job to pay my bills and the next minute it could be gone. So I was determined to work for myself to earn, preferably from the comfort of my home . I love writing. So making money from content writing sounded good to me. Moreover I hate to wake up early in the morning to go anywhere and generally I’m lazy to go out. So blogging was the perfect fit.

I thought making money online was going to be easy. Just write and post and the money will start coming in. How wrong I was! It took me years to start earning consistently online, due to the wrong information about blogging that we beginners were fed with by some of the so called pro bloggers, my own mistakes and the fact that there were things I just didn’t know better about. I wasted so much time online writing and learning without making money. But fortunately it has all changed. Now I have a few sites online and I earn from more than one site.

I don’t wish anyone to go through the long process I did before making money blogging. It was lots of hard work, frustrations and humiliations because blogging was all I was doing and I needed to make money urgently to support myself. And I was working hard to earn but just wasn’t getting result. Unfortunately there are so many bloggers still stuck in that process, which is why I am determined to help new bloggers. I target beginning bloggers because to succeed quickly you have to get the basics right and I can help you do that if you apply yourself to the resources I have provided on the site.

I want to teach you how to start a blog and make money quickly; because you can. The process starts with choosing one of the top web site hosting to host your WordPress blog. I share my blogging mistakes and lessons with you so you know better. If you want to make money by blogging you can’t blog like it’s a hobby. In the 30 day email course I show you how to treat your blog like any other business right from day one and have it start to earn you money quickly.

Don’t get it twisted. Blogging isn’t a get rich quick scheme. You get what you put into it. I provide guides that take you by the hand. But you still have to come with brain and motivation in other to actually achieve success online. But you definitely increase your chances by sticking to this blog.

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